We want to raise our voice

We are a community that dreams
for a better world.


Vivi Modonese is a Peruvian plastic artist and an industrial designer, graduated from PUCP. Vivi combines her role as a mother of two children and her job as Founder of Arve.

She has been promoting urban life in harmony with nature for more than a decade, finding inspiration in each creative work she takes on and sharing her knowledge and experience.

As a desire to change the world through causes of high impact on society and the environment, Vivi creates Pots & Moss to raise awareness and express our beliefs and feelings about issues that are difficult to speak of in our society, through design.


"Our art pieces are designed to generate an immediate association with the subject we want to address. They tell a story and reflect an interpretation of the reality many people face every day."

- Vivi Modonese -


Founded in 2009 by Marco Pacheco and Vivi Modonese, Arve is a Peruvian leading company in green infrastructure development.

From the beginning, they have promoted sustainable urbanism in the capital of Peru, showing others the way in the field and leading large projects with comprehensive and differentiated proposals.

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